Is there someone at my front door?

I work most days from a home office. I like knowing when there is activity near my front door (packages and such mostly) so I have a remote chime.

The system has 3 components that use a tried and true (think “old”) X-10 system.

Be warned, once you start dabbling in X-10 stuff you may be inclined to wire up a bunch of home automation gear. You’ve been warned.

For around $60 you can have a chime when someone walks up to your front door.

The motion detector should face your door, not the street. You want it to signal when there’s activity by your door. Batteries last quite awhile but are a bit of a pain to change – you might consider leaving the house code and unit number at their default settings so that you don’t have to reset them on a battery change.

The transceiver needs to plug into your house wiring fairly close to the motion sensor. Mine is plugged straight into the wall, not sure if the signal will cross over a surge protector.

You will need to match the chime to the house code and unit number of the motion sensor. The documentation is relatively clear and the dials for house code and unit number are easy to change (small flat blade screwdriver should suffice).



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